Flight Crew Recurrent Training Av Cargo

Active Aviation Training has recently completed a series of Recurrent and Operator Conversion courses for Av Cargo flight crew. The courses in compliance with ICAO and EASA requirements included SEP, Emergency Equipment, First Aid and practical fire and smoke training. Commenting on the training, Chief Executive Officer Donahue Cortes said "We are delighted to continue building on our relationship with AV Cargo and serving as their preferred training provider for these aspects of ground school training for their pilots operating on MD11 aircraft"

Active Aviation Training offers training services for pilots and flight crew who are required to complete ground school training that is specific to the operator and aircraft type. A full range of subjects are available and we create the required training and dispatch qualified instructors to deliver the training courses for flight crew and pilots. Our training instructors all have extensive experience in the delivery of training and come with verifiable qualifications and career history. Alternatively we can arrange the training in the UK and each airline operator can send their crew for training in the United Kingdom

For further details on flight crew training and pilot training email info@activeaviationtraining.com or call us on (+44) 08700 672  757