Flight Crew CRM Training

Active Aviation Training delivers CRM Crew Resource Management Training for flight crew and pilots at worldwide locations.

Our standard course program, which can be modified to comply with the requirements of any Aviation Authority and Operator, is based on EASA Implementing Rules Subpart N. CRM Training for flight crew is delivered at the following levels:

  • Initial Operator's Crew Resource Management (CRM) Training
  • Recurrent Crew Resource Management (CRM) Training

Subjects include as required and appropriate for the relevant level:

  • Human Error and Reliability, Error Chain, Error Prevention & Detection
  • Company Safety Culture, SOPs, Organisational Factors
  • Stress, Stress Management, Fatigue & Vigilance
  • Information Acquisition and Processing, Situation Awareness, Workload Management
  • Decision Making
  • Communication & Coordination inside and outside the cockpit
  • Leadership and team behaviour, synergy
  • Automation & Philosophy of the use of Automation
  • Specific type-related differences
  • Case based studies
  • Additional areas which warrant extra attention as identified by the accident prevention and flight safety programme.

At Recurrent training level all the major topics of CRM training are covered over a period not exceeding 3 years.

CRM Training for Flight Crew and Pilots

Our Crew Resource Management (CRM) training for flight crew and pilots meets the requirements of (EU) EASA Implementing Rules Subpart N - Initial Operator's CRM Training 1.943 (for flight crew who have recently joined an airline) and Recurrent Training Appendix 1 to 1.965. Our company has experienced CRM Facilitators that will liaise with each operator to ensure that the course content and material meets the objectives of the CRM program. Full records on the experience and qualifications of each instructor are available for any inspecting authority.

Compliance with Aviation Authority and Operator Requirements

To ensure compliance is maintained with each Authority our experienced training team can modify any training materials. Course content will reflect the specific requirements, procedures and information provided by each operator to ensure the course is applicable to each airline and aircraft type.

For further information on our capabilities to deliver Crew Resource Management (CRM) Flight Crew Training please contact us on info@activeaviationtraining.com or call our offices on +44 (0) 330 311 0737.

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