Flight Crew Doors and Exits Practical Training

Active Aviation Training delivers practical Doors and Exits Training utilising approved facilities at various locations around the UK and Europe.

Our standard course program is based on the requirements of EASA Implementing Rules Subpart N, with practical doors & exits training including:

  • Operation doors in normal circumstances
  • Arming & Disarming Slides / Slide-Rafts
  • Operation of Doors in Emergency (including simulation of power assist features if applicable)
  • Operation of Exits in Emergency

Doors and Exits Practical Training for Flight Crew

Our Doors & Exits Practical Training meets the requirements of (EU) EASA Implementing Rules Subpart N for Conversion Training - flight crew who have recently joined an airline, and for Recurrent Training - whereby every 3 years flight crew are required to complete this practical aspect of SEP Training.

Compliance with Aviation Authority and Operator Requirements

To ensure compliance is maintained with each Authority our experienced training team can modify any training materials and the associated examinations and required checking. All training materials are cross referenced with requirements and regulations and we can work with our airline customers in ensuring that the equipment and drills covered by the training are in compliance with those stated in the appropriate manuals.

For further information on our capabilities to deliver Flight Crew SEP Doors & Exits Practical Training please contact us on info@activeaviationtraining.com or call our offices on +44 (0) 330 311 0737.

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