Training & Instructional Techniques

The aim of our Training & Instructional Techniques Course is to enhance the knowledge and skills of instructors enabling them to train cabin crew, flight crew and ground staff in a motivational and effective manner. Our four day course provides interactive learning presentations and coaching from our experienced training team. Course participants are also required to create and deliver micro training sessions and presentations as part of the learning process, which is supported with feedback and development guidance from our instructors.

Training & Instructional Techniques - Course Content

The content of our Training & Instructional Techniques Course is listed below. This training course can be delivered at any location and we offer customers the choice of sending delegates on courses held at our London training facilities - click here for course dates - or we can deliver at your own training centre on dates to suit.

  • Introductions & Course Objectives
  • Learning Theories
  • Learning Cycle
  • Learning Styles
  • Retention & Recall of Information
  • Planning learning events
  • Working with aims, objectives & learning outcomes
  • Structuring training sessions
  • Time Management in Training
  • Managing Change
  • Handling Nerves
  • Working with Lesson Plans
  • Use of Learning Contracts
  • Communication Skills in the Classroom
  • Voice Management
  • Listening Skills
  • Handling Discussions
  • Facilitating in the Learning Environment
  • Use of Visual Aids
  • Use of Games & Exercises
  • Diversity & Conflict Management
  • Evaluating Courses & Feedback
  • Performance Observations
  • Report Writing
  • Action Plans
  • Learning Logs
  • Further Development

Duration of our Training & Instructional Techniques Course

4 days [Note: With smaller groups the duration may be 3 days]

Who Should Attend This Course

Airline training instructors from around the world attend this training course as either an introduction to their careers as cabin crew, flight crew and ground staff instructors or as a refresher to update their existing knowledge and skills. This course is ideal for instructors involved in the training of cabin crew, flight crew, ground staff, flight attendants and pilots.

Further information on our Airline Instructor Courses

To find out further about our airline instructor Training Skills & Techniques Course please contact us on or call our offices on +44 (0) 330 311 0737.

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