Instructor Manual

Designing and creating instructor manuals and training resources for use during training sessions can be a timely and costly exercise. Our experience in creating training and instructor manuals extends to over ten years of service provision to worldwide airlines. Our training and course development team come from various airline backgrounds and we have an unrivalled ability in creating customised instructor manuals for airlines to use during cabin crew and flight crew training.

Instructor Manual - Options for Airline Customers to use during Training

As an independent consulting provider we offer worldwide customers the following options which include:

  • Creation of a course specific Instructor Manuals
  • Design and creation of Instructor Resources to use during training
  • Creation of lesson plans and instructor guides
  • Creation of visual aids to accompany instructor manuals
  • Update and review of existing training materials
  • Inclusion of industry case studies, applicable notes and operator specifics

Our Services - Fast, Reliable & Cost Effective

As experienced airline consultants we know that working closely with each airline customer is the best method of ensuring we can deliver the required results in a cost effective and efficient manner. Our team will establish links with the appropriate persons at each airline to ensure that we are including all the relevant and applicable information within each instructor manual. We will send regular update reports and will arrange for appropriate meetings to address the on-going development of the project.

Compliance with Operator & Authority Requirements

Any training manuals and materials we are involved in producing or updating will be done with the utmost care to ensuring that we are including the applicable inforamtion to each operator and that the manual meets the needs of each corresponding Authority.

Formats & Handover

Instructor Manuals and Training Resources can be made available to customers in different formats. We can also source and arrange for the relevant printing and shipping if required. This includes branded covers and manual inserts.

Further Information

For further information on how we turn an Instructor Manual and Training Materials project into a reality please contact us on or call our offices on +44 (0) 330 311 0737.


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